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We support our equipment with training, service and testing programs. When you need advice, equipment, out network of "AIRO-TECH ENTERPRISES Pvt. Ltd." assures that help is nearby.

  • The requirement of effective After Sales Service of the Machine is very important. Our company understands the value of these services. During commissioning of the Machine, we provide intensive education and training to customers engineer for correct operation and maintenance of Machine. All Machines are provided with elaborately described instruction manual. The instruction manual contain procedure to operate and maintain the Machine, part list and trouble shooting mechanism. It also have details of logbook to be maintained by customer describing details of parts, replacement date, life in hours, size of shots being used and consumption pattern of the shots. All these data are checked by our Service Engineer during his visit to customer and necessary advise is given to take proactive and preventive maintenance action.
  • AMC : We provide AMC at very competitive rate. The frequency of trip may be 2 months per trip and annual 6 trips are considered. One free trip is provided towards emergency call. All telephonic advises are free of cost.
  • Courtesy Visit / Surprise Visit : Our Service Department pays one courtesy / surprise visit for every new Machine. The visit is organized as and when our engineer is nearby town.
  • Service Help Line number : +91-92-25132218 is provided free of cost 24 hours.

On account of Service satisfaction of our Machines, we have the highest list of satisfied customers.

With ever changing market dynamics and ever changing customer demands; it is mandatory to use all the resources effectively to face challenges. As productivity and price are the major factors to have an edge over competition, Effective handling of utilities such as the Air Compressor is very important. We at Deep Pneumatics have understood these prime requirements well. After studying in details with valued customers like you we have designed the Service Plans.


To maintain the optimum performance of the installed machines and avoid Irregular, insufficient, or unprofessional maintenance which result into:

  • Higher Downtime
  • High energy consumption

AIRO-TECH ENTERPRISES has designed a portfolio of aftermarket services to avoid these breakdowns which ensures the continuous operation of your compressed air system. Services offered by Chicago Pneumatic Service network are:

  • Inspection Plan
  • Preventive Maintenance Plan
  • Total Responsibility


This flexible plan is designed to complement your own maintenance capabilities. It consists of regular inspections by our service engineers. Their status reports identify the actions required to keep your compressor operating both effectively and efficiently. The Inspection Plan is the basis for all Deep Pneumatics Service plan products and can therefore be readily upgraded to more comprehensive plans at any time.The Inspection Plan includes:

  • Bearing Condition monitoring by SPM (shock pulse Measurement)
  • Compressor temperature and other working parameter analysis
  • Recommendation of spare parts
  • Detailed reporting on action to carried out during next service plan
  • Data recording

This plan is flexible; hence you can customize it to suit your individual company requirements.


The Service plan includes all the recommended servicing advised at right intervals and in a proactive manner. Thus you can have a problem free machine by opting for our annual maintenance contract at a fixed cost for a predetermined period which will also help you in your maintenance cost forecasts.

During the agreement period of the annual maintenance contract all planning and data storage care is taken by us. The plan covers:

  • Scheduled/Planned maintenance of air compressor
  • Recommendation of spare parts
  • Bearing Condition monitoring by SPM (shock pulse Measurement)Compressor temperature and other working parameter analysis
  • Data recording

This plan is flexible; hence you can customize it to suit your individual company requirements.


It's a plan which delivers a complete maintenance system with fixed annual costs for a predefined period, thus giving you complete confidence in your maintenance cost forecasts. Here all planning and data storage during the agreed period is taken care of by us. To check if there can be any further improvements possible in the agreement, we hold regular review meetings.

The plan covers all eventualities including:

  • Planned maintenance - all required parts and oil
  • Breakdowns
  • Diagnostics - SPM (shock pulse monitoring) and temperature and data analysis.
  • Fastest availability of Spare parts from Chicago Pneumatic Service Center
  • Major overhauls like-Air end exchange, piston ring replacement, bearing replacement
  • Coolers cleaning and maintenance
  • Implementation of new product updates
  • Detailed data recording and reporting

This plan covers all preventive maintenance labor during normal working hours. This plan is flexible; hence you can customize it to suit your individual company requirements.